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Criminal activity will never cease. There will always be those people who believe they can get away with taking property from other people or businesses that just don't belong to them and that they'll never have to face any consequences for their actions. They could be wrong though thanks to today's technology and cameras. More and more criminals are being identified and having to own up to what they have done.

Each Friday the Tyler Police Department releases details about crimes that have taken place in the city with anticipation of capturing these culprits on 'Find 'Em Friday' thanks to the help of individuals who might recognize them. Now we have to remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but if you've got surveillance footage of them being caught in the act, well, that just makes it that much easier for the prosecutors case.

This week the Tyler Police Department is trying to locate the following individuals for these suspected crimes. When it comes to describing these perps, the police department is pretty darn creative.

When you need to hit up that Tinder match but lose your cell phone, ooh dang!

This guy apparently needed to use the phone to call someone and instead of politely asking to borrow the phone to make a call, he swipes the cell phone of an employee at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Frankston Highway.

Ooh yeah son, this guy’s family is gonna have a kickin Christmas!

The second suspect they're looking for also hit up a Walmart for his crime, but this time it was the Walmart on Hwy. 64 west. He walked away with nearly $1300 in jewelry.

He wasn't admiring the truck, he was staking it out!

The third suspect on 'Find 'Em Friday' was casing a truck on S. Fleishel that he eventually broke into and made off with some stuff and a toolbox.

If you happen to recognize any of these suspects, contact Tyler Police Sgt. Walsworth at 903.531.1022 or report them to Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers at 903.597.2833. Don't try to apprehend them, simply call in their location to police and let's find these guys for 'Find 'Em Friday'.

Photo Highlights from the Tyler Police Department's Lip Sync Challenge!

Dear Tyler Police Department--thank you for doing this. And watching it again is just as delightful as it was before. Please do more!

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