It's almost been a century since the last total solar eclipse engulfed the continental United States and it will be a few more years before it happens again!

I remember as third grader at Milam Elementary in Grand Prairie going outside and viewing a partial eclipse through special glasses that we had to wear. Our teachers stressed to us how important it was to not look directly at the sun during the eclipse without wearing the glasses because we could damage our eyesight very easily. Since I wore my special glasses, I got to look at the solar eclipse which was pretty awesome.

So if you want to view the solar eclipse safely on Monday, August 21st between 12n and 2p, you'll need a pair of viewing glasses! Beginning Friday, August 18th you can get a free pair of viewing glasses by visiting the Tyler Public Library's information desk. You can use them to view the eclipse at the Eclipse Celebration on the 21st at noon at the Taylor Auditorium at the Tyler Public Library. The Eclipse Celebration will also include a live stream from NASA, special crafts and other activities.

This special total eclipse will be passing across 14 states on August 21st beginning at 9:06 a.m. PDT in Oregon and ending in South Carolina around 4:06 p.m. EDT. (Wikipedia). The longest duration of darkness will last about 2 minutes and 41 seconds near Carbondale, IL.  Unfortunately it will not be totally dark here in Texas, but it will be dark during the daytime thanks to moons' shadow that will be cast upon the Earth.  The next total solar eclipse that will be happening in the US will be in April of 2024 and then again in August of 2045.

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