Some Idiot Or Idiots With Nothing Better To Do Or Some Kids Whose Parents Clearly Aren't Paying Attention To Their Kids Does Damage A Tyler Park.

Back in January we reported to you that our friends at Tyler Parks and Recreation were dealing with a vandalism issue and apparently according to Tyler police, they've struck again at the same location.

The Tyler Police Department Posted Details On Facebook.

According to police, the incident happened on March 22nd and police report that the suspect did over $700 in damage to the bathroom fixtures at the bathroom at Southside Park that had just been repaired a few months back after they were damaged.

Here's The Damage Was Done In January.

From the photos that we've seen on social media posted by Tyler Police, its easy see and assume that whoever is doing this is a young person. Clearly, somebody is not doing their job as parents if your kid is out in the streets acting like an angry thug destroying public property.  This is why they say "parent your kids or the system will".

If You Have Any Info, Contact Tyler Police.

Tyler Police FB
Tyler Police FB

Time to bring this foolishness to a stop and get this young idiot away from this park before he does it again. If you recognize this person, please contact Det. Dickerson at 903-533-2088 or call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

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