TikTok user, jakemakestiktoks, shared an interesting concept on this TikTok back in May of 2020 that I find to be continuously entertaining, and I’m curious to see if others agree.

He poses that where you hang out in Tyler says something about your personality. He highlights various locations and illustrates how choosing to spend time there says something about you.

It seems that he’s singling out males in his video, but as this is totally for entertainment purposes only. Take a look and see if you find it humorous, and maybe slightly accurate.

He starts with the South Tyler location of Andy’s Frozen Custard. He states:

“If you hang out at Andy’s, you’re either smoking cigarettes in the back of the parking lot, or you’re still in high school and you’re there hanging out with all of the popular people."

Then he moves on to the Cumberland Mall, and makes this observation:

“If you’re hanging at the new mall, you probably drive a mercedes or you go to Whitehouse, or you’re taking a girl on a first date to Studio Movie Grill. There’s no in between.”

He then backtracks to Broadway Square Mall with this declaration:

“If you go to the old mall, you most definitely drive a nissan altima, and wear the 100 emoji shirts, and you’re only there to walk around and look for cute girls.”

Finally, he has this to say about those who are drinking coffee in Downtown Tyler.

“If you hang out at the Foundry, you’re automatically a huge fan of the Grand Camino, and you’re probably a Pine Cove counselor, and you probably just pretend to like coffee, because you wanna go see your friends.”

Whether or not you agree with him, I find his observations to be funny. I definitely fit those descriptions, and I do visit all of these locations.

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