"I'm just another local." Those are the opening words of a poem written by Aaron Dunn about the city he lives in, the city of Tyler. After running across this on my Facebook feed from the People of East Texas page the other day I thought about sharing his poem here on the website, I hesitated at first to post it because I'm still absorbing what he's putting out there! Comments from the post of Facebook range from raving support to someone asking him if he was bitter.

When describing the video, Aaron says, "I've had this poem about Tyler in my pocket for a few years now. I consider this poem 'crowd sourced', meaning that these are direct quotes or feelings from people I've met during my time here." Watch this Paul Hall directed video of Aaron Dunn reciting his poem 'Rose Bush'.

After seeing this, what do you think about Aaron's views?  Feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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