The twelve most wanted criminal offenders in Tyler are features in 'Tyler's Dirty Dozen' and are being sought by the Tyler Police department.

The city of Tyler's police officers work diligently every day to keep our streets and communities as safe as possible, however, there are those out there that still don't want to abide by established laws and end up becoming some of the most wanted criminals within the city.

Tyler Police are still looking for this group of folks that make up 'Tyler's Dirty Dozen'. These criminals have somehow slipped through, but Tyler PD hasn't given up on finding them and bringing them to justice. Our 'Tyler Dirty Dozen' list has had a couple of changes on it over the past couple of months but there are those familiar faces that remain and the police department would like to know if you've seen any of these faces around town.

If you see any of these people, contact Tyler police at 903.531.1000 or Tyler-Smith County Crimestoppers at 903.597.2833 and report their location. In no way should you try to apprehend these folks, leave that up to the police. In come cases, there could be a reward associated with the arrest of these individuals.


The following have confirmed warrants as of 18:00 on September 17, 2017 and posted on the Tyler Police Department website.

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