With trick or treaters descending upon your lighted front porch, you might encounter a child carrying a different color plastic pumpkin. Noticing that difference could make a difference in a child's life.

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We know that this year is going to be very different when it comes to trick or treating thanks to the coronavirus, we're not sure how many kids are going to be ringing our doorbells and yelling "Trick Or Treat" in hopes of receiving a full sized candy bar and filling up that plastic pumpkin they're carrying all around the neighborhood.

We do know that after getting dressed up as their favorite super hero, ghost, zombie, celebrity, ghoul or some other creative design, kids will be scouring the neighborhoods with a plastic pumpkin and going door to door. Accompanying parents will be determined to keep their kids socially distanced from others and keeping them as safe as possible. While trick or treating many of those pumpkins that you'll be dropping candy into will be the traditional orange pumpkins, however, you may encounter other colored pumpkins too. Those different color pumpkins have a different meaning behind them, take for instance the:


If you encounter a child carrying a teal pumpkin, that means they most likely have some kind of food allergy. In most cases, kids are aware of their allergy and are happy accepting a non-food treat like stickers, pencils, glow sticks and other fun Halloween items.

A blue pumpkin is a rather new color symbolizing that this person may have special needs or is trick-or-treating for a child with special needs, so you may need to drop a little extra in their pumpkin.

To set your home apart and to let families know that you're home is aware of food allergies, you can display a teal pumpkin on your front porch or by your sidewalk to show them you have an alternative to traditional candy.

After all, everyone deserves to have a great time on Halloween! Hope you get your pumpkin full of candy Halloween night. Stay safe and practice social distancing this Halloween and remember to wear a mask over your nose and mouth too.

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