Angela Ward of Longview will be back on 'Jeopardy' Tuesday to play another round of answer and questions with Alex Trebek.

Angela was a challenging contestant on Monday's show where she took an early lead on the game show and never really looked back. She was in jeopardy of losing the lead a couple of times during the show only because the other challenger got on a streak but that ended when he answered incorrectly and she pulled ahead. When it came to Final Jeopardy it was all about the money she was willing to put on the line for the final category of 'The Old Testament'.

The reigning champion bet the farm in hopes of Angela making a mistake and lost all of her money, the other challenger was left with a few thousand dollars after getting the answer wrong too. It was down to Angela, who was winning at this point, her answer to Final Jeopardy was incorrect as well, so it came down to her final wager to win the game. After deducting what she wagered, Angela walked away with $11,800 left in her bank!  She won her first game and will be returning tomorrow as champion and will be facing off with contestants from Salt Lake City and Encinitas, CA. on Tuesday's show.

We wish Angela the best of luck and hopes she turns this into a long streak of wins! Catch Jeopardy on KLTV tomorrow at 11 a.m.

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