At a cost of $16.7 million dollars, the overpass is just about complete on US Hwy. 69 at FM 346 south of Tyler.

The end is in sight and traffic will be flowing much smoother and non-stop along US Hwy. 69 thanks to the new overpass that is scheduled to open Tuesday, March 16th, according to TxDOT. Last month construction crews put down the final layer of asphalt leading up to the bridge and have been working on reconfiguring the traffic lanes for the big switch to happen.

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Once the traffic pattern has been shifted to its permanent configuration, traffic on US Hwy. 69 will travel along the bridge over FM 346 making the area much safer and less congested because traffic will not be stopped on US Hwy. 69. The project will then move in to its final stage which will be converting the old travel lanes to single lane off and on ramps to the highway. At this time it is not known if there traffic signals will remain or if they will be replaced by stop signs or partial stop signs.

In any case, getting from Tyler to Bullard will be a bit quicker thanks to the opening of this new bridge. Remember, while all of this construction and repaving is still happening, it is still an active construction zone with a reduced speed limit of 60 m.p.h. If you are ticketed for speeding in the construction zone, your fine will double. Slow down for the workers while this work nears completion and soon you'll be back at the 70 m.p.h. while gliding over FM 346.

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