Every one loves to tell me how great a time "taking a cruise" is. For the life of me, I have NO desire to get on a boat with hundreds of other people with unlimited alcohol, limited movement, sea sickness and not to mention COVID is still a thing (remember a cruise ship full of people had to quarantine on a ship for 21 days??). None of that sounds like a good time to me.

Now I have family members, like my Dad, who LOVES going on these cruises, and the one time I actually considered going on one, THIS HAPPENED.

True story: My Dad was a passenger on the ship that got hit. Here's the wild thing: THEY CONTINUED THE TRIP with the ship busted like that and when they docked back home, my Dad sent me a photo of the wreckage below with the caption: "Just a little fender bender". Also, instead of fixing the damage, as my Dad got off, they were loading a new set of passengers onto the ship without fixing the damage.


Now I know these are random "freak" occurrences and I'm sure these cruises are fun, but just about every time I think about changing my position on this, a story like this one dominates the headlines and makes me say "NOPE" all over again.

Shocking Video Of The Moments Leading Up To A Woman Jumping Overboard Have Been All Over Social Media

According to multiple news outlets, a Carnival Cruise Line ship returning from a 5 day trip in Cozumel, Mexico had a serious incident while returning. A 32-year-old woman is seen on video with three security guards holding her arms behind her back but not cuffed. She gets up and screams the name “Alicia” before being helped up a flight of stairs and off of the pool deck. Then, shockingly, passengers on board said she jumped off the tenth floor and hit the side of the ship before hitting the water face first. The video then cuts to moments after the woman jumped, and crews can be seen rushing to the edge of the ship to throw in a life preserver.

The Coast Guard Took Over Search & Rescue Efforts

The ship was approximately 150 miles offshore near Southwest Pass, Louisiana when she went overboard. While its It unclear when during the incident the woman jumped or where from, a spokesperson for Carnival Cruise Line says the guest, who has yet to be identified at the time of this article, jumped from her balcony and was not in handcuffs, despite passengers’ early statements.

The Unknown Woman Was Traveling With Her Husband And Family

The Coast Guard is suspended search and rescue Thursday evening and they have resumed again today but things are looking very grim. While its hard to understand why this woman did what she did, we have to keep her family and friends in our thoughts as they deal with the sudden tragedy.


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