There was some confusion over what Beyonce and Jay-Z named their little bundle of joy, but in the end the couple went with the celebrity staple of choosing a non-traditional moniker, in this case calling her Blue Ivy Carter.

In that spirit, we thought it’d be a good idea to suggest some potential baby names for celebrities to use when they welcome their own little Blue Ivy or Apple or whoever into the world.

Beyonce – Forget Blue Ivy — her name should’ve been My Parents Rented An Entire Floor Of A Hospital For My Birth So I Can’t Wait to See What They’re Going To Do For My Sweet 16 Carter.

Alec Baldwin – Future Words With Friends National Champion Baldwin.

Katy PerryBritish Comedians Aren’t That Funny Perry

Betty White – I’m Proof My Mother Does More Than Anyone Else In Her Age Demographic White

Charlie Sheen – This Is What Happens When You’re Winning Without Protection Sheen

Barack Obama – Can Anyone Hook My Dad Up With A Job In November Obama?

Donald Trump – Watch The New Season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice‘ Because It’s Going To Be The Biggest TV Show In History Trump

Kim Kardashian – E! Paid For And Televised My Birth Kardashian

Tim Tebow – God Is My Godfather Tebow

Lada Gaga – You Should’ve Seen The Outfit Mom Wore In The Maternity Ward Gaga