I had a live broadcast out in Longview last weekend and for some strange reason, I was craving waffles. While I'm not a big "breakfast" guy, I believe the delicious waffle can be had at any time of the day. Unlike pancakes, waffles are, how can I put this, more sturdy and trustworthy if that makes sense. Especially chicken and waffles. So I was kind of surprised to see some folks on Facebook craving the same thing I was.

Someone Asked In A Facebook Group About Chicken & Waffles


I've been in East Texas for a year solid and honestly, I thought nobody around here served chicken and waffles outside of some of the "major chains". But the good folks on Facebook came through and let it be know that there's a ton of places to acquire your fix whether it be "chicken and waffles" or just delicious waffles by themselves.

We'll get to everyone's answers in a minute but I had to get my fix at America's Favorite Waffle Destination:

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In my humble opinion, there's still one undisputed leader when it comes to waffles in East Texas and that's at The Waffle House. While Longview has a few locations, I would be VERY happy if they came to Tyler. But for now, I'll settle for getting it whenever I'm out in Longview.

What Say You Tyler?

Texas-Shaped Waffle Maker
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Before I mess around and buy a Texas Waffle Iron, I'm going to follow the recommendations of what folks say on Facebook. Here's a few of the place Tyler residents recommend you go to get good waffles (or chicken and waffles).

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