Some people have the mitigated gall trying to come up with FEMA scams to snatch up all your hard-earned stuff when you least expect it.


They will do it on a plane.

They will do it on a train.

They will do it in the snow.

But you don't hear me doe!

They will do it from Cancun.

They will text you from their room!

They will scam you on your phone.

They do it 'cause they're bad to the bone.

Scammers have no class and are full of sass. One texting scam as seen on asks you to call a number to get a free hotel paid for by FEMA. The problem is that they ask for your Social Security Number, home insurance information, your address, and your income. These scammers are BOLD with it!


Please note: FEMA will never ask you for any private information like that by text! Don't fall for this trap.


The Texas Attorney General's office says there are a lot of other scams out there that we need to be on the lookout for. Thieves like to prey during natural disasters so be wary of blokes and blokettes trying to jack up your normal fees for services (we see you, POWER COMPANY). Also, watch out for people knocking on your door claiming to be legit because they are actually looking for handouts and victims. Don't let that next victim be YOU! Click here for more guidance from FEMA. Another way the tricksters try to trick is you and me is by calling, texting, or door-knocking pretending to be from a charity.

If you don't listen to me about these fake FEMA Texas texts, you "gone get GOT!"


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