One of Tyler's most iconic local restaurants, Weinerland, has closed after the death of owners David and Mary Pessink.

"After the Pessink's passed, ownership went to the children," Mark Whatley of Burns Commercial Properties told the Tyler Morning Telegraph. "We're working to find someone to take it over. We've had several people inquire about the property."

The Pessinks both passed earlier this year. Weinerland had been a family owned business for more than 45 years. They marked their anniversary in 2008, with an event lowering prices to 89 cents.

"I've watched people come through in the car seats, and now they're driving their cars with their babies in their car seats, and it's just become a Tyler icon," Owner David Pessink told KLTV during their 40th anniversary celebration.  "To see something that's maintained the same system for 40 years and the same quality of food for 40 years, it's a mind-bottling thing."

Hopefully this Tyler tradition that began in 1968 will soon continue.


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