If you love movies like me, you probably have a few "feel good film" favorites. Movies that when you are feeling blue, or need to kill a couple of hours that you can turn to and enjoy.

When I travel I like to take a few of these films to entertain me while in flight. On my recent trip to Las Vegas, I packed Almost Famous in my carry-on, and invited my boyfriend to watch it for the first time. There are so many things I love about this film. I cannot begin to describe them all, but here is one of my favorite moments from the movie.

Patrick Fugit plays William Miller, a high school kid who has been given the opportunity to tour with the fictional rock band, Stillwater, as a writer for Rolling Stone magazine. In this scene he calls his mentor for advice on how to compile his notes into the article, which is slated for the cover. His mentor, Lester Bangs, explains why it's not so bad to be "uncool".



Which are favorite "feel good films"?

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