It's a question that gets asked quite often, "What is your favorite restaurant?" The question is asked from family members, by friends, by business acquaintances, from those thinking about visiting East Texas and those thinking about taking up residency here in the Piney Woods!

How that question is answered is based on a ton of factors! Is your answer based strictly off of the food quality, is it based off of price, location, menu selection, atmosphere inside the restaurant, whether or not you know the owner or someone that works there. All of these things and more factor in when we're asked to name our favorite restaurant.

The Facebook page, People Of East Texas, recently asked this simple question, just like we all do on a daily basis (nearly) and it's interesting to see the responses. While someone may say XYZ Seafood is the best another will come back and disagree, same with ABC taco or LMNOP Steak House!

After scrolling through and looking at quite a few of the responses, I noticed a lot of these favorites are local joints and not the major chain restaurants. Although there were some listed, many of the places mentioned seemed to be stand alone restaurants.

So the next time you're feeling adventurous and want to try something new, you might just want to take a look at the responses and you just might find a new favorite place to eat in East Texas!

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