East Texans are proud people. We are folks who pride in our community, and for good reason. We've got a lot of reasons to be prideful.

Earlier this week I presented a question on social media, hoping to find out what people think the best thing about living in Tyler is, and man did y'all answer. So many great responses from friends and listeners -- who reminded us about so many great places, and restaurants, and people, that you'll only find here in the Rose Capital of the World.

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Located in East Texas, Tyler, (population 104,789 as of 2019) is known throughout the world as a center for rose cultivation. In season, thousands of rose bushes line the manicured grounds of the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden. Our very own Tyler Rose Museum explores the history of our annual Texas Rose Festival.

But what are some things that Tyler-ites love about it? Brandy White noted Grace Community School, Fresh, Don Juan's, Discovery Science Place, and Wasabi's Sunflower Roll. Angelo Lopez says the he has "lived in Tyler most of my life, the best and sometimes the worst thing is knowing everyone. Lol"

Jr Schumann is a fan of Jucy's, meanwhile Will Burgin keeps it vague noting that "we have some pretty amazing food and lots of outdoor activities." Brittini Dykstra points out El Luger, Los Guerros, Stanley’s BBQ, and some of the best people I’ve met in my life." Jordan believes the best thing about our city is Wild Texas Wednesdays, the weekly concert series I used to host at Electric Cowboy and then Cowboys, it's no longer with us, but I liked that too, Jordan

Some people answered more seriously than others, Colton York said the best thing about living here is "leaving town."

But the most popular response we got was clear... and.. well.. you'll have to dive into our gallery of answers to find that out.

What's the Best Thing About Living in Tyler? Man, Did Y'all Answer

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