You're probably not the only one curious about the mysterious white smoke appearing in some northwest Tyler neighborhoods.

There's no need to panic or call for emergency assistance because the City of Tyler is conducting a special test of the wastewater collection system in certain areas of the city that utilizes white smoke. Lasting through Friday, inspection crews will conduct tests between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. in an area detailed in the map below. The inspection crews will be to the east of NNW Loop 323, south of Hwy. 110, to the west of Gentry Pkwy. and north of Willow Brook Country Club.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The nature of the tests is to perform an analysis on the system that will eventually be used to repair and improve the wastewater collection system. During the test, manhole covers may be open and marked in streets and backyard utility easements.

Now you may see white smoke coming through the vent pipes on rooftops of homes during this testing or through sewer line breaks. This in intended so inspection crews can get an assessment. The smoke is non-toxic and is not a fire hazard and will not leave a residue. The only time in which the smoke may enter a home is if there is defective plumbing in the house or the drain trap is dry.

The city has asked the following of residents in this area via a press release to do the following:

If a home or business has seldom-used drains, please pour a gallon of water in the drain to fill the drain trap. This procedure will help prevent the possibility of smoke entering living areas through drains."

While the tests are being conducted, field crews will not need to enter businesses or residences. If you have additional concerns on the study or the procedure you are asked to call Pipeline Analysis at 800.637.0164.

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