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Owning a pet is a big responsibility. The animal you bring into your home to love and care for also requires routine visits to a veterinarian's office and just like when it comes to finding a doctor for us, it can be a challenge to find that right doctor. Pet owners will face the same issues when it comes to finding that perfect vet for their pet.

Once you've adopted that pet and call it your own or you're already a pet owner and you just moved to the Tyler area, you'll soon need the services of a local veterinarian to help you with your animal's healthcare needs.

Now when it comes to selecting a veterinarian for your animal, it is best to know the type of vet you'll need. Vets fall under one of five different categories:

  • companion animal veterinarians
  • veterinary specialists
  • exotic animal veterinarians
  • livestock and large animal veterinarians
  • laboratory veterinarians

Most of us will be seeking out a companion animal vet, aka the general practitioner in the vet world. These vets can assist you with your dog, cat, and other small animal needs. Veterinarian visits can be expensive and rates will vary from office to office but when you find one you should stick with them throughout your pet's life because they will have a complete health history of them.

When asking for a recommendation for a good local veterinarian who isn't super expensive in the Tyler area, a Facebook poster was inundated with responses and suggestions on which vet to take their animal to.

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