It looks like Tyler State Park just unloaded a whole lot of fish into Tyler State Park Lake.In case you're unfamiliar, we have several lakes that are part of the 'Neighborhood Fishin' campaign. The Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks fish that are big enough to keep. The lakes are restocked every 2-4 weeks during the summer and winter seasons - so if you're not catching fish, maybe it's your bait!

Just last week over 2,000 adult Rainbow Trout were dropped into Tyler State Park Lake.

2,000+ new residents moving into Tyler State Park Lake.

Here's a video of Rainbow Trout being put into the lake last year. It would certainly make a bear hungry.

The Trout stocking schedule keeps you up-to-date on the fishies in your local lakes and Tyler State Park Lake isn't the only body of water getting love from 'Neighborhood Fishin'.

Trout Schedule

  • Faulkner Park Lake - last trout stock - January 11, 2017
  • Woldert Park Pond - last trout stock - January 20, 2017 / next stock - February 3, February 17, March 3
  • Teague Park (Longview) - last trout stock - December 20, 2016 / next stock - February 19
  • Elder Lake (Kilgore) - last trout stock - December 16, 2016

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