It was fascinating to come across the news that keeping a tea bag in your vehicle can be surprisingly helpful for Texas drivers.

I swear, I feel like the headlines we're running across as a society are getting weirder every single day. So if you saw this title and thought 'What the actual heck,' just know you're not alone.

Despite the odd notion that Texas car owners should keep a tea bag in their cars, once we delve into it more it makes sense. And no, it's not so we'll have for on hand if we need a quick 'pick-me-up' in the afternoon.

So why in the world do some people suggest keeping a tea bag in your car at all times?

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According to, keeping a tea bag in your car can do several beneficial things. Be sure and get a tea bag that smells amazing to you because the fresh smell will diffuse into your vehicle and you can create your own aromatherapy spa.

If you want to make it even more aromatic, stick a tea bag in your A/C slots. It will smell amazing AND you won't have those strange chemicals floating around your car with your kids--that's safer and better for everyone. Plus, it's allegedly longer lasting.

In addition, tea bags help 'to absorb moisture, which will eradicate bacteria responsible for bad odors.'

That's going to be very helpful as we get into our upcoming humid Texas summer.

Plus I guess if you DO need a quick afternoon pick-me-up...just saying.

Actually, don't do that. ;)

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