The other evening we went to see a movie at the beautifully restored Liberty Hall Theater in downtown Tyler. Afterwards, it was a beautiful evening and the moon was extra gorgeous, so we decided to stroll down to The Black Pearl. If you've not been, I can't recommend it enough.

It's right next door to Rick's on the Square, another downtown Tyler favorite, and specializes in "East Coast Oysters, Alaskan King Crab, Boiled Shrimp, Ceviche, Beef Tartare & Carpaccio, Lobster Rolls & Bisque, & Classic Cocktails." I personally love the Triple Dip Plate--but it's all good.

Oh, and speaking of the cocktails. You know that dreamy feeling you get after watching a classic movie set in one of those idyllic bars and you just want to wander down and find one yourself? This is it. The cocktail menu is extensive and they're handcrafted and when you drink them, you can tell. I recommend the Pimm's Cup or the Corpse Reviver. However, I've heard much good about the others, as well. Extensive wine and beer list for your perusal, too.

The bartenders and wait staff themselves are true professionals. I've never walked into the place without feeling immediately welcomed and cared for. They treat their customers like celebs and frankly, I've found them to be so friendly, impeccable at their craft, and conversational, I think they could compete on a reality show somewhere.

Learn more, feel the vibe, and check out the menu via their Facebook page.

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