While the candidates are on the road pitching themselves to get our vote on Tuesday, November 6th, a lot of Americans are headed to the costume store to buy their Halloween costumes.  Now, if masks sales are any indication on who will win the election in a week and a half, there is definitely a clear winner already.

According to a very unscientific method, the Halloween retailer Spirit Halloween has seen that masks for President Obama have outsold those of Mitt Romney by 20%.  Sixty percent of the masks sold have been Obama masks while 40% have been Romney.

Since 1996, the costume chain has quietly been keeping track of candidate mask sales and they say anytime there is a Presidential election, the candidates mask that sold the most has won the election.  In 2008's when Obama beat McCain for the office the sales split was the same.

No matter what your party preference is, have fun this Halloween and remember to vote on Tuesday, November 6th!

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