The Merriam-Webster dictionary of the English language is getting a little bit thicker! The dictionary has added more than 250 words and they become official words of our language, which of course is already one of the hardest to grasp among all the languages.

The words added to the dictionary cover the spectrum, from food to the internet to technical terms to business terms to sports, biology and everyday words that have been adopted and accepted as normal. Some of the words recently added to the dictionary have been around for more than a decade but added just this year.

Some of the new inductees are:

  • sriracha
  • Callery pear
  • froyo
  • troll - additional meaning
  • ransomwear
  • cardioveter
  • onboarding
  • pregame
  • schneid
  • alt-right
  • concealed carry
  • open carry
  • hive mind

Of these new words, I have heard of quite a few of them! One of the words is the topic of quite a few commercials we play, the froyo machine company. My friends and I have been using pregame for a number of years now along with concealed carry and open carry. I'm not a big fan of sriracha, but I do know what it is and it can be hot! I will most likely never use the words cardioveter or schneid, but hive mind, I'll probably use! It reminds me of the Borg from Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: The Next Generation!

What's funny is, when I was typing several of these words for this story, they show up in my editor screen as misspellings!  Auto correct wants me to update their spelling, but they're correct!  Looks like our online dictionary needs an upgrade now!

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