A woman visiting her sister in Tyler, Texas wanted to purchase a scratch-off lottery ticket while she was in the area. It was a winning ticket. But when she tried to get her money...

It's discouraging to hear stories like this.

Life is hard enough without having people in your community seek to deceive you. But sadly, it happens.

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Recently, a Tyler area woman posted her experience on an online social group page. She shared that her sister opted to spend $10 on scratch-off Texas Lottery tickets during her visit to East Texas. She won $200. Hey, nice luck! She opted to go back inside to cash it in.

When they approached the clerk at a Tyler, TX convenience store in the Grande/Paluxy area, she said the clerk told them they were doing a shift change, so they'd have to cash it out later. She and her sister decided to try another store.

At THIS store, the clerk scanned her winning ticket, handed her back the ticket and the receipt...and then proceeded to tell her he didn't have the cash to give her.

Something I didn't know: Once that ticket is scanned, it's worthless. It's already been marked as paid in the system.

How did the Tyler woman and her sister find this out?

When they left and visited yet another store, this one in the Loop 323/Broadway area of Tyler, she said the clerk there informed her of this when he attempted to scan the winning ticket to get her the money she won.

The Tyler woman says they called the Tyler Police Department out to the previous store where the ticket had been scanned.

According to her post, once the police arrived, the clerk "looked very nervous and started making excuses and he gave the money to my sister. His excuse was 'I pressed the wrong button on the lottery machine.'"


Please be careful, y'all. And to the clerk who may have tried to scam this woman out of her $200? DO BETTER.

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