Jobs are important for any city in Texas. Jobs bring those employees to that city to live. Those jobs bring people from outside that city into that city to either work there or enjoy what that business has to offer. The business providing those jobs brings more tax revenue into the city. It's a win-win for everyone involved. That's why it's exciting to learn of a new plant opening in a new industrial area of Tyler, Texas.

Tyler Interstate Commerce Park

I didn't know this existed in Tyler until I ran across this story. There is a new industrial park under development in Tyler, more precisely, the Owentown area. It's called the Tyler Interstate Commerce Park and consists of 412 acres in the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 155 and Interstate 20. This new area will be developed to attract various industries to the Tyler area (

Google Maps
Google Maps

One of the first industries to purchase land in this industrial park is Southern Wood Preserving, the company behind YellaWood pressure treated pine. In total, the company purchased 150 acres with 50 acres to be developed now and the remaining 100 acres for future growth. The initial plant being built is expected to bring 100 jobs to the area (CBS 19).

This is great news for the Tyler area and East Texas in general. YellaWood is a quality product that many locally owned lumber shops, like McCoy's Building Materials, stock and sell. It will be exciting to learn what other industries will come to the new Tyler Interstate Commerce Park in the future.

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