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When it comes to your child's education and what school they go to, you do have a choice. You may choose to send your child to a traditional public school, enroll them into a private school, choose a charter school or teach them at home, but you do have a choice.

Among those choices are the charter school. The Tyler area has several charter schools that you may send your child to. These schools are public schools that operate through a contract with a local school district or the Texas Education Agency. It is a tuition-free institution that welcomes students from any area regardless of zip code or school district. These schools often provide an innovative, high-quality education that is designed to fit a student's needs.

Tyler Classical Academy is among one of the several charter schools that are available in the Tyler area. We recently spoke with Head Master Daniel Carter about Tyler Classical Academy and the special programs they offer their students. The campus is located on Grande Blvd. in Tyler and is a small campus by design. This gives the school a private school feel for learning and connecting the student to the instructor to the parent without a private school expense.

The school has a classical foundation to education with a traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum with a teaching methodology towards truth, beauty and goodness. Mr. Carter says one of the goals of the school is to create responsible citizens out of their students.

In the following interview we talk about what makes Tyler Classical Academy unique along with the programs that are offered to students, in addition, we talk about the grade levels that are currently accepting applications and how the enrollment process works. You may apply anytime on the Tyler Classical Academy website.

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