Living in the state of Texas is a dream come true. While the heat, humidity, and unexpected storms can be a lot at times. That is just part of living in Texas. You also get lots of great food, so much natural beauty and some of the best people you will ever meet. But there are certain things that are just part of the culture in Texas that others just don’t understand although they should probably learn about these things. 

Specifically, Texas Things

If you ask any Texas which state is the best, you’re probably going to get a funny look. There is Texas and all the other states. But what is it that makes Texas so much better than all the other states? We do things a little differently in Texas and we like it that way. 

If You Live in Texas, You Understand  

There are so many aspects of Texas that are fantastic, for example, understanding the importance of football in Texas. It’s not just about the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans in the NFL. On Friday nights, so many small towns across the state basically shut down to cheer on the home team. It’s fun seeing the communities come together for sports and friendship. 

If You Don’t Know About These Things, You’re Not from Texas 

There are many things that create the culture in Texas. So, here is a list of 20 things that are a dead giveaway showing you’re not from Texas if you don’t know about these things. The world would be a better place if it was a bit more like Texas. 

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