You'll go nuts over a Waterville, NY photographer's lifelike whimsical acorns.

Jody Hildreth is an elementary librarian at Sauquoit Valley, but his true passion is taking photos. It started 20 years ago when Hildreth was birdwatching and it wasn't long before bird pictures transformed into photos of nature.

When the world shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, Hildreth started to go a little stir crazy.  He came up with Acorn Whimsy after being inspired by other artists who created figures out of acorns and other objects found in nature.

My first Acorn Whimsy scenes were simple. Just a single figure posed in a natural setting. As time went on, they became more complex.

From smoke machines, fire, and tiny led lights, Hildreth creates different moods and special effects in his photos.

I now try to use all of my skills as a photographer to make these little figures look as though they have come to life.

The life-like acorns held their own summer Olympics, competing in many different sports from track and field to volleyball and some aquatic events. They even traveled with Hildreth and his wife Kelly on a road trip to California visiting several national parks.

Many of Hildreth's Acorn Whimsy photos honor his job as a librarian.

My acorn figures are frequently seen reading books in many different situations.

Hildreth posts a new photo every day on Facebook. It has become so popular he even put the photos in a coffee table book and made a calendar. "My work can also be purchased at Artisan's Corner in Clinton, New York or by visiting my"

Go Nuts Over Waterville, NY Photographer's Stunning Whimsical Acorn Shots

Go nuts over Waterville, NY photographer's lifelike acorns.

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