Music has always had a way of connecting with people, and expressing emotions when words simply wont do. Sadly for 11-year-old Megan Ham, expressing emotion is something she has never been able to do. All of that changed when none other than Justin Bieber came into the picture.

Megan was diagnosed with lissencephaly,  a rare neurological disorder thats causes Megan as many as 70 seizures in a day. Doctors said she wouldn't live past age 2, and would never be able to walk, talk or show emotion. But Megan has fought long and hard to prove doctors wrong, and after 11 years of a lack of answers and progression, Megan has finally made a huge breakthrough.

And Justin Bieber is to thank for that.

Megan's music teacher noticed her acting in a way that she had never acted before. She noticed Megan kicking her feet with somewhat of a smile on her face one day in class. A Justin Bieber song had come on the radio and it seemed as though Megan was enjoying it. When the song ended, Megan stopped reacting.

Her teacher then played another Justin Bieber song and Megan began smiling again. She shared her discovery with Megan's family and they tried it out for themselves. Now it's all Bieber, all the time.

It turns out the Biebs has the same effect on Megan that he has on every other 11-year-old girl. He makes them happy and giddy. Her teacher and family say it really helps her get through the day. Bieber Fever is a cure for Megan that allows her to be normal and just be happy.

Justin got word of Megan's story and tweeted her, saying "MEGAN you stay strong for me and I'm gonna make sure we meet when i come to Portland. Love you and Thank You :)".