There is something that is so comforting about sitting down and eating a big pile of pasta or the delicious layers of lasagna from an Italian restaurant. Normally after consuming the meal, I will have to take a nap but honestly, I enjoy that part of the process too. Which is why I really liked that someone on social media asked the question, where do you go for the best Italian food around Longview, Texas? 


While I am not an expert when it comes to Italian restaurants in Longview, there were quite a few people that had some really good suggestions so I wanted to put together this list for you including all the suggestions that were made online. While I have to admit I haven’t visited any of these locations as I was doing research on each of them, all of the photos make me really want to create an East Texas Italian Restaurant bucket list. 

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Some Italian Restaurant Suggestions Were Made Outside of Longview, Texas 

As you look at the list below, you’re going to see a few suggestions that were made while the restaurant isn’t exactly in Longview, but the people making the suggestions say they are worth the drive for the food.  

Great Way to Support Local Italian Restaurants in Longview, TX 

I almost forgot that the person who initially asked the question said they were looking for local restaurants, specifically no Olive Garden. Also, let's remember to support these local restaurants as much as possible. Here are the suggestions that were made. 

Best Italian Restaurants Near Longview, Texas

Here is a look at the 9 most recommended Italian food restaurants around the Longview, Texas area.

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Here is a list of some of the best Italian Restaurants around Tyler, Texas

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