Having grown up in Southern Louisiana, I can assure you that you won't find a tastier or sweeter treat than delicious beignets covered in powdered sugar. If you want the GENUINE article, you'll have to run down to New Orleans to the world famous Cafe Du Monde to get you some but a fast food chain with its origins in NOLA is brining the pastry to rest of the nation with a delicious twist.

According to CNN, Popeyes has announced that they are adding CHOCOLATE Beignets to their menus nationwide beginning Monday. Popeyes says their beignets are stuffed with melted Hershey's chocolate and doused in powdered sugar and will be available while supplies last. Hopefully, folks will maintain their composure, unlike when the "chicken sandwich" made its debut.

Customers can purchase three, six, or 12 beignets for $1.99, $3.99 and $7.49, respectively. If you've never had beignets before, be warned that it is a MESSY experience and you will get powdered sugar all over your person so Popeyes is also offering $35 "Beignet Camo" black hoodies decorated with white splotches that look like splashes of powdered sugar.


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