If Miley Cyrus was going for shock and awe during last nights MTV VMA's, I think she achieved it. Miley Cyrus has done a complete 180 with her image, from sweet and innocent to now raunchy and dirty.

During the awards show last night she and her team of dancers were dancing with huge teddy bears and she ended up twerking on the catwalk in front of a bunch of fans that were screaming and yelling. I wasn't too amused when watching it and the stars didn't seem to care for it either, because producers showed and image featuring Rihanna and the guys of One Direction and they looked just as unamused as I did.

MTV video

Miley's raunchy spiral downward continued when Robin Thicke joined her on stage for "Blurred Lines". Miley had stripped down to a flesh colored bikini and began doing things with a gigantic foam finger to herself and Robin, that should have never been shown on TV (although it is a cable channel).

Welcome to Miley's new image. Facebook and Twitter lit up after her performance last night with comments from both sides, supporting her and talking about her in total disgust.

So, with discretion, watch the video and then vote in our poll and let us know what you thought about her performance by leaving your comments below our poll.