2013 VMAs

Miley Responds To VMA Critics [VIDEOS]
More than a week has passed, and here we are still talking about Miley Cyrus' performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, which is exactly what she wanted. This would explain why she is now making a statement in response to the criticism she recieved over it.
Disappointed Celebrities Tweet About the VMAs
Not everyone could make it to the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night in Brooklyn, NY. Some stars watched from the comfort of their homes, and had a few things to say... not unlike the rest of us. Kelly Clarkson was notably unimpressed with what she saw during a couple of performances. See what she …
Shock And Awe, Miley Cyrus Style [VIDEO]
If Miley Cyrus was going for shock and awe during last nights MTV VMA's, I think she achieved it. Miley Cyrus has done a complete 180 with her image, from sweet and innocent to now raunchy and dirty.
2013 MTV VMA Performances
The 2013 MTV VMA performances celebrated some of the top songs of the year, and even had a few surprises in store. Viewers rubbed their eyes in disbelief when scheduled entertainer Justin Timberlake reunited 'N Sync on stage. Check out their performance and all of the others from the night!
*NSYNC Reunion: It Happened
The *NSYNC reunion actually happened. Despite all of the denials, the boy band reunited onstage at the VMAs last night during Justin Timberlake's 15+ minute performance. Want to skip ahead to *NSYNC? It begins around 9 minutes in.

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