Natural Grocers Coming to Tyler
Tylerites will soon have another outlet when it comes to shopping organically. Denver-based Natural Grocers will soon be opening the doors on its first East Texas location at 4820 S. Broadway in the space that was previously occupied by Bed Bath & Beyond.
2013 Memorial Day Sales
Who doesn't love a good sale once in a while? The weekend of Memorial Day always brings about the best of sales, making it the perfect time to go grab a few new things.
If You’re Returning Gifts, Know the Rules
As Christmas winds down, your family may be setting some gifts aside to be returned. It happens to us all. And some stores prep by stacking up 12-packs of Coke and making a maze, anticipating an onslaught of returns. They want to keep the lines orderly as we stand there waiting to exchange a bad …
Does Hearing Christmas Music Make Us Spend More?
Chances are, if you've strolled through Broadway Square Mall lately, you've heard Christmas music piping through the speakers as you shop.
Maybe you've thought nothing of it. Tis the season after all, and we expect to hear the Christmas music in our favorite stores. In fact, not hearing it would …

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