A lot of great fast food spots have a specific sauce everyone knows and loves to the point where it's the main reason they go. Raising Cane's has one, McDonald's sauce sells for $9,999 on eBay (what!) and Whataburger has their spicy ketchup and jalapeno ranch. But for me, one sauce trumps all - the Chick-fil-A sauce.

It took me a long time before I tried it, and now I always have extra packets sitting in my refrigerator. One day, I was eating pizza, but I was out of ranch. Instead of throwing out my pizza in hot anger, I had a moment of clarity:

"Dip your pizza in the Chick-fil-A sauce", my voice told me.

So I did. And it was amazing!

That got me thinking what other food items not from Chick-fil-A would go great with their sauce. In short, pretty much anything with carbs in it will taste good, but I'll give you some specifics I tried.

Veggies and Dip

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

No one wants to be that person who brings their own sauce to a party or a restaurant, but who else is sick of the same old veggies and dip? There's a way to fix that. Chick-fil-A sauce can easily fit in your jacket pocket for that occasional 'hate their dip' emergency.


The Cajundilla | TSM

The thing about quesadillas is, they're made for dunking. Chick-fil-A sauce does not judge. It goes well with all sorts of foods regardless of where it geographically came from.


Sure, those cows tell us to 'Eat Mor Chikin', but it's not just good with chicken. Try it with your burger and fries too.

Sushi (?)

Mandee Montana, Townsquare Media

I haven't tried this one. It's a recommendation from someone who loves Chick-fil-A sauce more than I do. She says it goes good with sushi. I'm hesitant to recommend such a reckless act of food, but hey it probably does go well with Tempura or anything fried.



Got some leftover bread? Toast it (or nuke it if you don't have patience) and then dip that bad boy in there!

Use as a Marinade

Using Chick-fil-A sauce as a marinade for your chicken also works wonders. Bonus: whoever you're feeding will probably think, "where have I had this flavor before?" and they'll think you're a genius when they realize what it is. By the way, I do this with queso on cheat days.

Sandwiches from Anywhere


Virtually any sandwich would work with this sauce. I tried using it with a Subway sandwich (turkey), McCallister's (Southwest chicken) and a homemade sandwich (pork loin).

Eggs/Breakfast Tacos

Put it on your breakfast taco! I was going to say put it on your eggs initially but quickly realized most of our eggs come in an edible container known as a tortilla.

Crackers, Chips

Jason Eisenberg | TSM

Crackers and pita chips! Same idea as bread. If you can dip it and it has carbs, it's probably going to go down well for you.


Jason Eisenberg | TSM

And last but not least, the food that made me go down this delicious rabbit hole - pizza.

What food do you dip in the sauce tasted 'round the world?