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Now is the time to make those Valentine's Day dinner reservations! You'll want to act upon this sooner than later or you could be having Valentine's Day dinner with your significant other at a drive-thru near you or at your own dinner table. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but there are certain expectations for some people when it comes to Valentine's Day dinner.

Whether you believe Valentine's Day was made up by the card and restaurant industry just to get more money out of you or not, those that are in love or dating to find love, have come to expect certain things when Valentine's Day rolls around. Some expectations are a card, flowers, maybe chocolates, a stuffed animal, a piece of jewelry, and definitely dinner. It's the whole package!

When it comes to picking out all of that stuff, you know exactly what your significant other's style and likes are and when it comes to their favorite restaurant for dinner or a romantic dinner, you've gotta get this right! Don't be left not being able to grab a table at y'alls favorite place.

If you need some help coming up with someplace to take your loved one for dinner, we've compiled a special list of romantic dinner options in Tyler and Longview and other places around East Texas. We know that the biggest night for lovers dining out is going to be extremely busy, so you better get to working on those reservations now or you could be out of luck this Valentine's Day. To help you out, I've listed the phone numbers of some of these suggested places so you can call right now and hopefully secure that spot or jump on their website to make those reservations!

Try these Tyler restaurants for a romantic memorable Valentine's evening:

Try these Longview restaurants for a romantic memorable Valentine's evening:

Try these East Texas restaurants for a romantic memorable Valentine's evening:

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