Students all across East Texas are learning new concepts thanks to some extremely dedicated teachers. Our very talented teachers go way above and beyond to help their students reach their goals, but often they can feel underappreciated for the knowledge and help they're laying the foundation for.

Our East Texas teachers deserve to be recognized every day for the hard work they put in to help students who are eager to learn and help those who might be struggling or for being a mentor to so many students who are seeking someone to talk to.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD are teaming up to recognize these outstanding teachers that you have nominated from school districts and universities across East Texas. Teachers are influencing and shaping the minds that will soon be running our cities, states, and nation.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD would like to recognize this week's Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week:

Professor Fitch is this week's Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week

Professor Fitch is a dual credit English instructor at Kilgore College in Kilgore teaching both college and high school students.

Professor Fitch was nominated by a peer who had this to say about her:

Professor Fitch is passionate about helping her students. She goes out of her way to make sure that they are learning and understanding the material by making classes fun and interesting. She is an inspiration and shows up each day with a smile on her face. She gets excited about what she is teaching and it is infectious in the best way.

Mix 93-1 and White Oak ISD are honored to recognize Professor Fitch of Kilgore College as the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week.

White Oak ISD
White Oak ISD

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