Ugh! I hate to admit that I made this mistake recently, but I know I am not alone. So, Savannah and I were catching an early flight out of the DFW airport so we decided to get a hotel room for the night so it would be easy for us to get to the airport in the morning. As we departed the airport, we both realized that we had left items in the hotel room. Which made me wonder what kind of things are most common to leave when exiting a Texas hotel room? 


The item that I left was my pillow, which might seem a bit strange, but I sleep better when using my pillow, so I have now made it a habit to pack my pillow when going on a trip. But there are all kinds of things that people leave behind in hotel rooms. What I found interesting is when I called the hotel to see if I could retrieve my pillow after returning to DFW they said they have multiple shelves of pillows that have been left behind by visitors. 

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Double and Triple Check You Have Everything 

Whenever you leave a hotel room you want to make sure you have everything so most of us double check all the drawers and bathroom sink area. After this annoyance I will be triple and quadruple checking everything because I could have sworn that I had all of my belongings when we left the hotel that early morning. 

Here is What Everyone Seems to Leave Behind 

If you’re like me and have left things in a hotel room after checking out, know that you’re not alone. Here is a look at the most common items left in hotel rooms. 

9 Items That are Common to Leave in Hotel Rooms

Hotel guests can accidentally leave behind a variety of items in their rooms due to forgetfulness or rushing during check-out. Here are some of the most commonly forgotten items in hotel rooms.

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