Trio AJR joined The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show to talk about their recent success and their new album.

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Hailing from Manhattan in New York, brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met form the band AJR joined the show via Zoom to talk about their latest album 'OK ORCHESTRA.'

Before that though J-Si finds out what their neighbors think about them making loud noises in their apartments while creating videos. Then we find out that little kids are attracted to AJR's music and Kellie asks the band why they think that is. The band discovered the best voice over actor for the line in their song 'Bang' to say 'here we go'. Find out who this famous voice is in the following interview.

Then Ana recently discovered, how the band, in their video for 'Way Less Sad', got the wine to go up after the bottle was opened and J-Si inquired more about the standards that were blown out of the water in the songs video. And J-Si gets the band to admit to a secret from that video.

ARJ performs an acoustic performance of 'Bang' for KiddNation below.

Catch the full interview below in the audio segment and check out the video that for 'Way Less Sad' below too.

Listen to "AJR's Live Acoustic Performance" on Spreaker.

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