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Living in East Texas, especially in our small towns, communities and rural areas we can develop a false sense of security and feel that we're not going to be a victim of a crime. But crime happens everywhere and at any time. The Harrison County Sheriff's office has a routine that they want us all to get involved in and make it a habit right before we go to bed.

This is a routine that you will definitely want to take part in. Harrison County Sheriff's #9PMROUTINE began last month as an anti-theft prevention initiative and they are asking everyone, not just in Harrison County and the Marshall area residents, but everyone to take part in this.

What is the #9PMROUTINE?

#9PMROUTINE reminds you to remove all of your valuables from your vehicle each night. Things like your purse, cash, laptop, electronics, guns, basically anything of value. Lock your vehicle, lock the doors to your residence, turn on exterior lights and activate any security system you may have.

The sheriff's office is simply reminding citizens to take these easy steps in hopes that they will most likely not become a statistic or have to call the sheriff's office to report a burglary or break-in. Criminals are always looking for easy targets and an unlocked vehicle is one of the easiest.

A citizen left this comment on the Harrison County Sheriff's Office Facebook page after they made the announcement about the new initiative.

Harrison County Marshall Texas Sheriffs Office via Facebook
Harrison County Marshall Texas Sheriffs Office via Facebook

The Harrison County Sheriff's Office has been getting creative and sending out some great nightly reminders about the #9PMROUTINE too.

Make this a part of your everyday routine and not just at night.  Take these actions when you go shopping, to the grocery store, to work or wherever, when you get out of your car, take your valuables with you and lock it when you leave. Don't become a statistic, be proactive and remember #9PMROUTINE.

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