Over half adults in the United States drink coffee - 3 cups per day totaling a whopping 336 million cups if you total it all up (give or take). The mildly

stimulating caffeine in coffee gets us going in the day.  Though caffeine is considered an additive drug it is more the taste and smell that perks us up in the morning.  There are studies for and against coffee consumption -- like anything if consumed in moderation you're "good to go."   Tyler is hooked up with places to find your perfect cup of Joe. Walking into a "Coffee Shop" is like finding a refuge from the pressure of the day.  I pull out my iPad or laptop and sip my "mild drug" of choice.

Java Jams - Inside Brookshires @ 100 Rice Road - Tyler

Java Jams offers free samples!

The menu is extensive therefore everyone's unique taste buds are sure to be pleased.

If you are hungry you can swing over to the deli and grab some salad, sushi or a hamburger.

Using your "Brookshires - Thank You Card" every time you buy your beverage of choice will earn you a FREE coffee upon buying five. WIN/WIN!

WiFi is available with really comfortable chairs - easy to sit and talk with someone while defragging from the day.

200 West Erwin - Tyler

This is a really nice place to stop and recharge your java battery.

You can never get bored with the same old cup of coffee as their talented staff can trick your drink out.

There is plenty of seating -- though it can get really busy in the morning or during the lunch hour.

I always seem to be starving when I walk in and thankfully they offer some good eats!  You have to try the Mac & Cheese -- better than what momma used to make!

WiFi is available -- though it is sometimes a little loud with other coffee sipping consumers this is a great place to go on a date.

Fresh - 6991 Old Jacksonville HWY - Tyler

Going to Fresh is in itself an adventure in culinary delights.

Didn't take me long to find the delightful coffee bar with it's endless menu delectable of caffeine infused treats sure to put a sparkle back in my eye!

With samples to choose from it wasn't long before I was hooked up with my long time friend -- chilled Chai w/ Soya.

There were plenty of different choices from the Deli so that I didn't just have a liquid lunch.

A strong wifi signal was available for me to sit back and hide in my digital world.

The seating is a little limited but the chairs are comfortable -- a great place to find solace for the weary.

Kickerz - Whitehouse and Flint

When out on an adventure/road trip through Whitehouse or Flint make sure you stop by and grab yourself a cup of pure pleasure.

The Tuxedo a heavy chocolate flavored caffeine fix on ice is a great reward to your self -- emerge yourself in this delight and escape the chaos in your vehicle.  Ill mannered children become tolerable upon the consumption of this "heaven in a cup."

Co-Authored with Buddy Logan