Um, y'all? I found the Italian dish you need to have today--or tomorrow--for lunch or dinner in Tyler, Texas.

Seriously, how on earth did I forget how much I love this iconic dish from one of ou Tyler, TX Italian Restaurants? Well, I'll have to remember not to make that mistake again.

Are there any other emotional eaters in the room? Show of hands, please? I confess, I am. I would bet quite a few of us are, actually. At least sometimes. And while I have no desire to encourage people to lean into that particular tendency, sometimes it just is what it is. And when life feels crazy and we want to eat something comforting, well, I have just the thing.

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When was the last time you visited Oliveto Italian Bistro in Tyler, TX?

Here's the thing, we adore focusing on locally-owned businesses. They are the heartbeat of our communities. So are the small, high-quality chains like Oliveto. Oliveto not only employs our East Texas neighbors but is owned by East Texans so, let's continue. Plus, we enjoy highlighting anything that is done very well.

And that brings me to the Italian dish you likely didn't even know you needed today. Behold, the culinary glory that is the Rigatoni Rustica from Oliveto Italian Bistro.

Have you tried this culinary masterpiece? Well, it is in my opinion. Granted, I usually aim to order things a bit on the lighter side, since I myself tend to NOT be on the lighter side. But in this case, I make an exception.

The Rigatoni Rustica is perfection when it comes to comfort food, in my opinion. Just listen to how Oliveto in Tyler, TX describes their process on their menu:

"We begin this baked pasta by sautéing onions, garlic, jalapeño bacon, and sun-dried tomatoes, then add shrimp, chicken, Alfredo sauce, and a hint of marsala wine, toss with rigatoni pasta and top everything with Asiago cheese."

OK, just READING that is comforting. But ya know what's even better? Yep, EATING it. The rigatoni pasta is perfect. The blend of cheeses, onion, garlic, and all of the other flavors are the food equivalent of hiding under a weighted blanket while fluffy pink pandas sweetly serenade you to sleep.

I could go on and on, but really... why not check out the Oliveto folks as they describe how they make it:

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