We are getting close to trick-or-treating time in East Texas. Where are some of the best places to do so near Tyler, TX according to locals?

East Texas is filled with Halloween-friendly neighborhoods that are ready and likely looking forward to seeing adorable goblins and lovely Disney princesses at their doors this evening.

Despite the fact that I enjoy where I live, one thing I sincerely miss about living in a neighborhood is greeting trick-or-treaters at the door. Such fun. <3

Tyler area residents were talking about their very favorite places to take their kids every Halloween. These are some of the most common responses they shared.

Some of the Best Spots for Trick-or-Treating in the Tyler area: 

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Clint Patterson, Unsplash
Clint Patterson, Unsplash

The Woods (near UT Tyler) 

Charleston Park (also near UT Tyler)

The Cascades (off of W Loop 323)

Blue Mountain Area (near Jack Elementary)

The Azalea District (in the heart of Tyler, close to downtown)

Midtown Area (near TJC)

Hollytree (there are a couple of ways to get into this neighborhood--the "Old" Hollytree entrance is off of Grande or Hollytree West via Old Jacksonville Hwy.)

Cumberland Estates (Whitehouse school district but with a Tyler address)

UT Tyler's Trunk or Treat event

Waterton (also WISD)

Oak Hills (gorgeous new neighborhood development accessed off of Old Jacksonville Highway in very South Tyler)

Andy Woods Neighborhood (near Andy Woods school--such a cozy area)

Hubbard Middle School Neighborhood

Penny Lane Subdivision in Lindale

Eagles Peak Subdivision in Lindale

Ruby Trails Subdivision in Lindale

Overall, these were the most common responses as to where Tyler area residents are planning to take their kids trick-or-treating this Halloween.

What other areas would you add to the list? Let us know!

Wishing all of our East Texas kiddos a safe and super fun Halloween!

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