In what we can only hope will catch on nationwide, 2nd year Brownsboro Elementary School teacher Alison Bien has chosen to offer each of her students a gift that could possibly benefit their entire lives before ever sitting down at their desks. Mrs.Bien is in her second year of teaching 3rd graders at BES and knows first hand how effective her gift was a year ago which is reason enough to continue to shape young lives in this unique and special way every year.

"All of my students last year were able to be sponsored by someone in the community, and I can honestly say that seeing their faces light up when they found their books and the notes inside made me know that this was absolutely worth it". Bien continued,  "I would love to do it again for my kiddos in 2019 and I’d love for other teachers to take this idea and run with it too".


Alison had asked her family and friends IF they would like to take part in being a "mentor" of sorts for her students by choosing to include them in their daily prayers throughout the school year, as well as introducing them to a book of the mentors choosing for the student to read at their discretion.

"You can pray for this student at the beginning of the year as well as throughout the year".. "Feel free to pray for them about school and their home life, and any other areas where you feel led to pray for them" added Bien. My hopes are that these students will be blessed when they walk to their desk on the first day of school, open a book, and read an uplifting and encouraging note inside the cover from someone sending them well wishes". It is my hope that it will always be a reminder that they are important and loved. ♥️

Mrs. Bien (pronounced, Bine not bean) even included plenty of suggestions for those of us that don't normally have access to the reading preferences of an 8 or 9 year old. It came in mighty handy for me as I began researching some good reading material for 3rd graders on my own this weekend.


No surprise that after a couple of weeks of marketing this simple and absolutely beautiful addition to a classroom, she has picked up mentors for all 20 students this year and I am extremely excited to be among those that was asked to participate. Rock on Mrs.Bien and every student headed back to Brownsboro Elementary School August 15th.

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