This new game for Harry Potter fans is a magical twist on the adult favorite, Cards Against Humanity. 

Cards Against Humanity describes itself as a 'party game for horrible people.' Game play does get seriously dirty at times. If you are prudish, this is not your game. Stay far, far away.

Which, by the way, the video below is not safe for work. There are vulgar questions and statements which are read with a great deal of profanity.

If you've got a sick, twisted since of humor and like to shock your friends, this is your game. I've played several times with different friends, and it's always a laugh!

I'm eager to gather some fellow Potterheads and play this version. It's a pretty simple concept. One player is the cardster and reads the black card which has a question, or asks you to fill in the blank. In the video above the first example reads:

"Moaning Myrtle moans because of ________."

The other players then draw a selection of white cards, and choose to fill in that blank. The cardster then shuffles the answers, and reads the black card with each white card, and chooses a favorite. The winner receives the black card, and whoever collects the most is the winner.

Use your imagination, or watch the video below to get an idea of how ridiculous or should I say riddikulus this game can get.


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