We have exciting news for those who live and work in downtown Tyler! Chick-fil-a is coming soon!

Yes, you read that right. Soon, you'll have an option in the heart of our city for the delicious chicken sandwich that you love so much! Whether it's the sandwich you're after, nuggets or a sweet treat, you'll soon be able to grab one in downtown.

Garnett Brookshire with People's Petroleum Building shared this statement with us when we reached out for comment.

"On behalf of People’s Petroleum Building and Plaza Tower, we welcome Chick-Fil-a to downtown Tyler and trust this will add even more excitement to the ongoing revitalization of our vibrant downtown community.

Chick-Fil-a plans on opening in April and we share their enthusiasm for providing exceptional customer service and an exceptional product. This is one more reason to join our office community"

For those interested in office space in the heart of Tyler, call 903-231-5154 for People's Petroleum Building and Plaza Tower leasing information.

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