Chris Hansen is known for his work on Dateline's To Catch a Predator. Now he's back for a new generation of creeps and pedophiles.

It's been quite some time since we've seen Chris Hansen tell a sick-o to have a seat, now, the wait is over.

If you're like you, you've fallen into TCAP rabbit holes on YouTube too many times to count. No matter how many times you watch these uncover sting operations, they just never get old. To me, they work for two reasons: The first being the most important, not only did that show put sick-minded predators in jail, but I like to believe it scared a large number of would-be predators away. Also, the secondary reason I liked the show, is that it was absolutely entertaining.

Within the last few years, Chris Hanses has actually tried to reboot the show away from Dateline, unfortunately, those attempts never quite worked out.

He certainly hasn't quite trying, and we're here for it.

Over the pandemic, Hansen started a podcast on YouTube called, "Have a Seat". Then, about a month, ago, he announced that he's bringing back his formula for catching predators, and will release the footage on his YouTube channel.

The episodes are also under his "Have a Seat" brand, and they are just as good as you're hoping they are.

Hopefully, he'll continue to roll out episodes on his channel!




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