When it comes to making a selection of what to drink at a fast food or casual dining restaurant, you basically have two choices of products, Coca-Cola or Pepsi! Now you don't have to necessarily drink Coca-Cola or Pepsi, but you'll be selecting from their brands.

Business Insider took at look at the 39 top restaurant chains across America and found that the majority of them serve Coca-Cola and their products over Pepsi.


Interestingly if you and your friends can't decide on which brand y'all like, it looks like you should head to DQ because they apparently serve both products!

Honestly, I have never really been a fan of Pepsi, growing up I always chose to drink Coke but then switched to Dr. Pepper along with a liking for Barq's Root Beer, mainly because Barq's has caffeine! Within in the last three year's though I've basically given up drinking soft drinks, because of their sugar content, and have switched over to unsweet tea! I know that doesn't sound right, we're in the South and the South is known for its famous sweet tea!

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