Our Critter of the Week is the horse. Man has always had a very close relationship with this strong and sturdy member of the animal kingdom. Before the car was invented man relied on the horse for almost everything. Now in days, the horse has a pretty relaxed life in the United States at least and they are used for almost exclusively for leisure activities and sports.

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    After being born, it only takes a foal about 1-2 hours to stand up and walk.

    AMagill, Flickr
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    A horse has two blind spots; one is located directly in front of them while the other is located directly behind.

    Mundilfari*, Flickr
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    The height of a horse is measured in 'hands'. Each hand equals four inches

    nicodeux, Flickr
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    A horse's heart weighs about 10 pounds.

    Hazboy, Flickr
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    Horses use their facial expressions to communicate. Their moods can be gauged with the help of their nostrils, eyes and ears.

    Philipp Klinger Photography, Flickr